Upload Form

The slides on this page show how a defined form is converted to the JSON format and uploaded to the server.

Only user with Active Admin designation and who are assigned the Manage Forms role can carry out this activity.
See Manage Users for more information on user privileges and roles.

Slide 1


(1) On the CCA Desktop app click on Dashboard menu item on the left of the screen.

(2) Click on the Form JSON download button (highlighted in the image above) for the City Census form.

(3) Download the JSON file returned and save it to a directory/folder of choice.

(4) Continue on the next slide.

Slide 2


(1) Login to the Dashboard.

(2) Click on Manage Forms -> Upload Form.

(3) Continue on the next slide.

Slide 3


(1) Click on the Drop Files to upload box shown above.

(2) Select the "City Census.json" file downloaded in Slide 1.

(3) Continue on the next slide.

Slide 4


Your view should be similar to what is shown above.

(1) Click on the Upload button to upload the "City Census" form to your account.

(2) Continue on the next slide.

Slide 5


(1) Click on Manage Forms -> View Forms

(2) Then Click on the View button to see information on forms associated with the account.

(3) Continue on the next slide.

Slide 6


You can see the "City Census" form just uploaded. Notice that it says there are zero submissions and that the form is currently active. The icon in the first column indicates that the submissions for this form are not encrypted on the device. See this example for more information on form data encryption. See the Manage Forms section for more on forms. This exercise is now complete.