Managing Users

In order to restrict the actions a user can execute with respect to a registered account on CCA System, users are differentiated by their designations and roles. The four defined user designations are described below:

  1. CollectR: Users with this designation are only able to download forms to the Android device, fill and submit forms to the server.

  2. XCollect: This designation is similar to that of CollectR. The only difference is that whilst CollectR users can modify their passwords, XCollect users are prevented from doing same. Passwords for users with this designation are managed by account administrators. This user designation is designed specifically for situations where creating a user account for each data collector is not feasible. In such instances, the administrator can share one XCollect user name and password amongst all the data collectors.

  3. Analyst: This designation allows users to view, download and analyze data submitted by the data collectors.

  4. Administrator (Admin): A user with this designation can carry out all of the privileges of the other three designations and more depending on the roles assigned to it. CCA System defines the 6 administrative roles delineated below:

    • Can Manage Admin : This grants the Admin user the ability to manage other Admin and non-Admin users.

    • Can Manage User : This role allows an Admin user to only manage other users with non-admin designations i.e., Analyst, CollectR and XCollect.

    • Can View User : This grants the Admin user the ability to view all users, except for the primary user, associated with an account.

    • Can Manage Forms : This grants the Admin user the ability to upload, download, delete, suspend and resume forms.

    • Can Send Data : This role allows the Admin user to fill and submit data to the server using the CCA Mobile app. It confers the XCollect or CollectR privileges on an Admin user.

    • Can View Data : With this role set the Admin user is able to view, download and analyze data. This is similar to the capabilities of the Analyst designation.


User management is accomplished using the Manage Users menu on the dashboard (See the image above). The menu items; View Users, Add User, Delete User are self-explanatory. The function of the other menu items are explained below:

  • Modify Designation: This menu item is used to change the designation of a user, e.g., change an Admin user to an Analyst etc.

  • Suspend Users: Use this menu item to suspend a user. A suspended user is barred from carrying out all activities related to a CCA account i.e., the user will be unable to login to the dashboard, view users, view or submit data etc.

  • Resume Users: Suspended users can be brought back to an active state by using the Resume Users menu item.

  • Admin Roles: This menu item allows roles to be set and unset for Admin users.

  • XCollect: Changing the passwords associated with an XCollect user is done through this menu item.

Beyond designation assignment, a user can be assigned to one or more teams. The Team construct allow assigned resources to be restricted to team members only. For example, if a form is assigned to a team then only users associated with that team can view, submit data, download submissions or analyze submissions of that form.


Users are added to or removed from teams using the Associate Users and Dissociate Users items in the Manage Teams menu on the dashboard.

These FAQs provide guidance on using the items of the Manage Users and the Manage teams menus.