Privacy Policy

1st Feb 2016

Our Privacy Policy


For the purpose of clarity, CCA Systems and all its associated tools are referred to as “the Service” or “this Service” for all sections of this document. The words “We” and “we” in this document refers to the managers of CCA Systems.

User Data Collected

The following information is collected by this Service:

  • Personal Information i.e., email address, first name, last name, phone number and organization name.

  • The IP address from which the user logs on from may also be recorded.

  • Account subscription information like start and end date of subscription, subscription type and amount paid for the subscription.

  • User activities that involve modifying or adding new information to the Service are also logged.

To further show our commitment to user privacy, this Service does not compel users to register with personal information that can be used to physically identify them. With that said, whatever personal information a user inputs must allow for payment for services, technical support etc.

Please note that this Service does not request, collect or store financial information beyond those related to subscription transactions. Financial data like credit or debit card details are dealt with by reputable third parties.

Use of Collected Data

The user information this Service collects are used to monitor usage as well as the administration of the user accounts, including but not limited to dealing with user complaints, user requests and bug reports.

User Data Protection

All possible measures are taken to protect user data in transit or at rest. In transit, all communication with this Service go through encrypted channels with the use of the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol. In addition to this, all users require passwords to use this Service. Provision is made for account administrators to restrict access to resources by assigning roles and privileges to associated user accounts.

At rest, the underlying data repository is encrypted on the storage device. Incremental backups are also carried out regularly from which 100 % data restoration is possible. The system is monitored, reviewed and updated periodically to improve security and guard against unauthorized access.

Further security can be achieved by attaching a public encryption key to form definitions. This assures that all completed forms are encrypted on the data collecting device. These submitted data can only be decrypted and viewed by the person or persons in possession of the form’s private encryption key.

Use of Cookies

This Service uses cookies to identify users who are presently logged in. Disabling cookies on the browser will force a user to log in every time a new web page is requested.

Third Party Disclosure

We do not share, sell or transfer users’ personal information or data to third parties except in compliance with legitimate law enforcement request or extant laws.

In order to advertise this Service, we may request consent from users that allows us to publicly say this Service is used by them. Where consent is not granted, we will abide by the user’s wishes.

Terms and Conditions

Please see our Terms of Service page for information on the usage fine print, service subscriptions, disclaimers and warranties.

User Consent

By using this Service you consent to this privacy policy.

Privacy Policy Modification

We reserve the right to modify this policy statement at any time. Changes to this policy will be posted on this page and the date which it, i.e., policy, takes effect at the top of this page.