Sophisticated Forms

Build simple, multi-lingual, highly secure or specialized data input forms with our easy to use graphical user interface. Form definitions can restrict texts inputs to specified patterns or options. Numeric, date and time inputs can be restricted to a range of values. Subsequent form inputs can be skipped based on the values of previous inputs …

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Flexible Data Collection

Forms can be downloaded and used to securely collect data on the move and offline using our Android App, thus enabling data collection in far flung and disconnected areas. Data can also be collected online in a browser using the CCA web form wizard. Developers can use the CCA REST API service to collect data using third party applications …

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Advanced Queries

Query submitted data using well refined filter parameters and view results as a series of descriptive tables, charts, map locations or photo slides. Submitted data can be downloaded in the JSON format and consumed as is or converted to Excel spreadsheets using our offline tool. A REST API service is also provided to enable real-time download or analysis of data …

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Distinct User Roles

Grant or restrict user access to forms, data and other resources based on assigned designations or groups. A designation specifies whether a user can upload forms, submit completed forms, analyze and download data or manage other users. Users can also be grouped into teams and assigned specific resources. Deactivate, Suspend and Resume individual users …

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Collection and Analysis Workflow

Define and Design Form

Settle on the text, structure and flow of each question/statement that comprise the form. Decide which answers to questions are mandatory and those that are not. Also decide if the questions/statements are to be presented to the enumerators in different languages based on the device’s settings. Select from the 19 input screens available to define each question/statement on the form. Create the form using the CCA Desktop App. When form definition is finished, save it and upload the form to your account on the server. Test and modify the form definition if need be.

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Fill and Submit Form

For remote/offline data collection, the form is downloaded and filled out using the CCA Mobile App . Select and submit all completed instances of the form as soon as possible or whenever the device is able to connect to the internet. Inputs to forms that include a public encryption key are encrypted as soon as they are filled and saved. Note that for such forms, each submission is encrypted using a unique disposable encryption key with the Advanced Encryption Standard to assure that the compromise of a single submission has no security impact on other submissions of the same form.

For online data collection, simply select and load the form into the web form wizard. Fill out the form and click finish when done to submit the form.

Integrating the CCA data collection mechanism into third party applications is achieved through the REST API service provided.

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Analyzing Data

Analyzing uploaded data can be done using a few clicks. For example, statistical data like count, averages, maximum values, minimum values, the 3 types of standard deviation and variance of the values of form fields could be retrieved in no more than 5 clicks. If finer grained analysis is required, CCA System offers the ability to filter and group results based on the values of a single field or a combination of fields of the form. Analysis can also be carried out across submitted data of multiple forms that share similar field names and types

The results of these queries are presented to the analyst as tables, bar, area, line or doughnut charts. Analysis that have to do with location data are presented on Google maps and annotated with data from other text or numeric fields selected. A similar exercise can be carried out for pictorial data. Data can also be downloaded and fed to preferred statistical tools like the R Statistical software or converted to Excel spreadsheets using the CCA Desktop App.

Developers are afforded similar query capabilities for their applications through the CCA REST API.

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